Mary and Anahata small pic

Mary Humphreys and Anahata

Traditional English Folk Music


CD "A Baker's Dozen"

I just downloaded your complete album, it's really a PLEASURE to listen to it. Carry on, great arrangement, great mix, great instrumentals and ... a great singer. I will continue listening to it in my car tomorrow, when I will have a two hours trip to a studio in the west. I'm deeply impressed of your work ! I like that style a lot.
Gerhard Scherzer
(on the Ardour forum, after purchasing a download from Bandcamp. A complete surprise because that forum is about sound recording software, not particularly about about folk music at all)

brilliantly captures the essence of Mary and Anahata, their vivacious and appealingly scholarly personalities and their frisky, abundantly infectious music-making.
Dave Kidman, Fatea Records

CD "Sharp Practice"

"This CD is a treasure. Exquisite in every detail..."
David Kidman, Living Tradition Web Site Reviews

"This is an excellent debut and I am now a fan. I recommend the album and I look forward to hearing them live sometime"
Roy Harris

This CD is a masterpiece. I really can't recommend it highly enough."
Jim Lawton, Tykes News

So who needs another Barb'ry Ellen? I hear you ask... Well, you do, if it's the one off Mary Humphreys and Anahata's collection of English tunes and songs... it's a performance that makes you glad you're alive. And the rest of the album isn't far behind...

Barry Callaghan, EDS (English Dance and Song)

"gets your attention in no uncertain terms"
Nick Beale, fRoots

Songs as they should be sung and tunes as they should be played"
Colin Andrews, "What's Afoot"

Just wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying your CD - everything about it, the choice of songs and tunes, the singing and playing, and for once for a CD the notes are just right too. Thanks, I'm really enjoying it.
Pippa Sandford, after buying it online here

CD "Song Links 2"

Barbara Allen is wondrous, Mary Humphreys not only has a beautiful voice but she has obviously listened wide and deep and knows what to do with it.
Jody Stecher

CD "Fenlandia"

pared-down, beautiful and timeless
Mick Tems, Taplas

they have a great deal to offer
Vic Smith, fRoots

bounce, panache and a bit of zip
Paul Burgess, Shreds and Patches

"Fenlandia is a really enjoyable CD: solidly traditional songs and tunes, interesting background material which gives context to the music, and lovely singing and playing. What more could you ask?"
Joan Crump, English Dance and Song

CD "Cold Fen"

"A CD full of great East Anglian traditional music and song"
Mike Harding - BBC Radio 2

committed singing and musicianship that is this duo's trademark
Roy Harris, Living Tradition.

CD "Floating Verses"

It doesn't come any better than this
Keith Kendrick, "Mardles"

I've been playing it over and over...
Mike Harding on BBC Radio 2

"Two musicians from East Anglia who are working very hard to put lesser known English songs and tunes firmly back on the musical map"
Verity Sharp on BBC Radio 3

sent shivers down my spine
Des Redwood, The Folk Mag.

She sings like the old singers
Eddie Uptopn, EDS Magazine

Mary Humphreys sings English folk songs with a genuine feel of a continuous tradition, as if a "folk revival" had never been necessary Tom Bell-Richards, Shire Folk.

startlingly beautiful
Mick Tems, Taplas

Floating Verses is a gem of a CD -- traditional English folk tunes played and sung by people who actually know how to play and sing and who have the scholarly background to know what they're playing and singing. What a treat! Green Man Review, Faith J. Cormier.

Live Performances

"I have to say I was spell-bound by her singing and the evening was far, far too short for me. "
Robert Mann, Bodmin Folk Club

Another good evenings entertainment, with a tick in the "to be rebooked" box!"
Carole Markham, Waveney Folk Club
(and we were rebooked!)

"a lovely voice, enthusiastic delivery with sympathetic accompaniments on melodeon, concertina and cello. Mary's version of The Banks of the Nile was stunning."
Mick Harrington in "Shreds and Patches", reviewing the Song Links launch concert.

"Wonderful and unusual versions of songs and brilliant accompaniments and tunes."
Pete Coe, newsgroup

Everybody had an extremely enjoyable time. One member of the audience said you were both inspirational and another said that Mary was one of the finest singers he'd heard in years - "she's a natural".

The enthusiasm of both of you for the music was infectious and I would strongly recommend you to any other organiser or promoter.
Lawrence Heath, Electric Voices

What can I say about Mary Humphreys and Anahata? Stunning musicianship, great songs very well sung and an infectious stage presence. Even a banjo......... First time I've seen them, won't be the last!
Paul Arrowsmith, Kirkby Fleetham Folk CLub