Mary and Anahata small pic

Mary Humphreys and Anahata

Traditional English Folk Music


Our Own Albums

Our first album, "Through The Groves" was recorded at home in 2001.
We're not offering it for sale any more.
The other albums listed here are on the Wild Goose label unless otherwise indicated.

Sharp Practice was released in July 2003 and is now sold out.

Fenlandia came out in January 2007.

Cold Fen released in March 2009.

Four Across, released in August 2009, features our ceilidh band English Rebellion with Nick and Mary Barber.

A Baker's Dozen was released in June 2012.


Song Book "Folk songs Collected in Cambridgeshire" compiled by Mary Humphreys and published by Hedingham Fair.

How to Buy

You can buy online at our CD Shop, which also offers other recordings in which we are involved some way.

Other Discography

Many years ago Anahata (under a different name) played concertina and cello on some albums by the Mandy Morton Band.

Anahata plays cello on some tracks of the Patterson Jordan Dipper album "Flat Earth".

We both contributed vocal and instrumental parts to Keith Kendrick's CD "Well Seasoned" on the Wild Goose label.

Mary sings and Anahata plays concertina, melodeon and cello on several albums by George Papavgeris.

We contributed two tracks to the English-American "Song Links 2" double CD, a project conceived by Martyn Wyndham Read. The album is on the Fellside label.

Anahata has added cello parts to Tom and Barbara Brown's Album "Tide of Change", and to two tracks on Bob and Gill Berry's BitterSweet Album.

Mary and Anahata play concertina and cello on two tracks of Thaine and Robertsons "Almost Gentry", and those tracks were recorded in our own home studio.

In 2017 we both contributed backing parts to Jim Causley's I am The Song, a collection of Charles Causley's poems for children set to music.