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Mary Humphreys & Anahata WGS322 CD

The plain fact is that if you do not like this CD, you do not like folk music! It doesn't come any better than this! What is most impressive about these two (and there is much) is that they both have a knack of hiding the complexities in their arrangements just enough to allow the words and melodies to steal the limelight.

Because of Mary's delighful singing style, and the formidable accompaniment skills of both Mary and Anahata, you cannot fail to know what the song is about by the time, or before, you get to the end, even on one listen. It is my opinion that this is what all performers of traditional music and song should be striving to achieve. Very few succeed to this level.

There is certainly no need for track assessment here - every single one is an immediate attention taker - even one after the other (a very rare compliment from me).

So, if you only buy one CD this year, do yourself a favour and make it this one. Oh, and it does exactly what is says on the jewel case!

Keith Kendrick, for "Mardles" magazine

(This album is no longer available.)